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Mediation in Palm Beach & Broward County, Florida

Mediation attorney Judith Goldberg

As an experienced advocate for over 20 years, mediation expert, Judith Goldberg will guide you through your family law matter while actively protect your interests. As a mediator in Palm Beach & Broward County who also has experience as a family law attorney in Connecticut, Judith Goldberg has an in-depth understanding of the law and matters of special relevance to the court to apply to divorce mediation law.

As a mediator with years of experience with family law, she possesses an especially valuable understanding of Florida law to aid in translating agreements between parties to documents that will be well-received in courts. She focuses her Florida practice solely on mediation in order to provide the support needed during difficult times. She is an expert facilitator who can guide you and the other party to a successful result.

Mediator Goldberg can provide continuing advice, advocacy, and support throughout the process. Mediation is often a speedier, cost-saving, and less adversarial process. She provides a high standard of professionalism and personalized attention to your Broward or Palm Beach county case.

If you or your family are in need of a mediation expert with the compassion and commitment to clients, call Judith Goldberg for your mediation needs. She prides herself on the personalized attention she offers her clients and the honest and earnest counsel to ease them through their ordeal. Family law matters can be emotional and you deserve an advocate that understands what you are going through. Call Judith Goldberg today.

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